8th + 9th january 2013

Posted: 10/01/2013 in Uncategorized

I had a great two weeks off, thank you, did not much apart from walking the dogs and reading, once the festivities were out of the way of course.
It’s great to recharge your batteries a bit. I hope youse all had a nice relaxing, time, too.

first customer after the break was Stephen, we finished off a black and grey koi piece we had started a while ago

and matt got  St Andrew. I’ve never done a statue of St Andrew, it’s a very cool and subtle scottish reference! there will be more added to make it a sleeve, black and grey lilies and other softly shaded things maybe.

It’s not an easy one to photograph, as it wraps so much, but I love the placement of this piece, specially the way the to of the St Andrew’s cross go around the elbow. The saint’s face sits on the one part of the elbow joint that doesn’t distort much when Matt bends his arm.
Try it! draw a few 50p sized circles on your elbow and see what happens to them when you flex 😆

in Glasgow the next day Dave got his scottish themed 1/2 sleeve pretty much finished, I just want one more quick look at it once it’s all healed to tidy up any bits that need it. It’s a nice collection of images that work well as a tattoo

and becca got another flower in dots. This is a way of distracting from the slight craziness of her tribal piece that she had done by another artists and that she had since fallen out of love with a bit. These flowers help bring everything together and stop the eye from trying to make sense of the flow of the tribal, which is a bit confusing on it’s own. When cast into the supporting role of the flowers, it loses some of it’s impact, which is what we were after.


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