18th – 20th december

Posted: 21/12/2012 in Uncategorized

brian managed a whole day session, 7hours, phew! but it’s amazing how much you can get done in a solid chink of time like that. this is only his second session, and the first one wasn’t an all dayer. if you can hack it, it’s certainly worth the effort

Peter had a 4 hour session in Glasgow the next day, to start on colour for his flowers, and more shading for the koi

John had decided that he wanted his backpiece to extend onto his legs, and what better way than a nice wriggly octopus  😀
this is John’s first tattoo, I have to keep reminding myself!

Unusually for me I had a full day of work booked on thursday, too, Laura was up from manchester to visit  family, an opportunity to do some more work on her wonderful War of the Worlds/ 50s scifi themed sleeve.
we worked on some background to the destruction on the forearm, and got some of the space added to the background of the nasty octopus, nasty because for some reason laura wanted her octopus to have rows of little teeth  😆

One more session and this will be done, I’ll be working at a convention in manchester in March, and that will be when we do it

and Kevin just had one finishing session to go on his sleeve, it’s a cover up of some old work, but you wouldn’t really know it now.
A big improvement, love it!

and Kevin with his tattoo

  1. Richard says:

    Hi Morag, I really like your work especially the sleeves as this is the sort of work I would. be interested in having done if its possible. I was unfortunate to be badly burnt at the age of two and I’m now 43. Without going into to much detail would you say its possible to tattoo over as it is smooth in some parts but uneven and raised in other parts

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