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30th + 31st october

Posted: 01/11/2012 in Uncategorized

Happy Halloween/Samhain everyone! Hope you didn’t get too many oranges lobbed at your windows by disgruntled guisers who didn’t the treats they were after…or maybe that’s just around our way?

Right, for some reason I only photographed two of the 4 pieces I worked on in the last 2 days, I must be going senile or something. At least they’ll be back and we can play catch up then.

the two I did take pictures of are Holly and Robert.
Holly is getting a nice blue dragon in the clouds, one more session for the rest of the blue and the belly scales

and Robert is getting a 3/4 sleeve reworked. It’s a journey from bad japanese, over extensive lasering to reworking/incorporating and covering by me. It’s a novel concept to let the new sleeve evolve organically and without completely removing the old work, but going around some of it. You may see some of the older work, flowers and clouds, but the more dynamic and structured pieces are new. We are mixing dotwork flowers with colour bombs, blocks of patterns with looser cloud type shapes, all to get a completely new look. It’s more about texture than story.