23rd + 24th November

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Ross was in for a whole day of tattooing, we did 7 and a half hours of work, and a half hour for lunch. I’m relentless when I get going, as some of you may know… the poor guy was done in by the end of it, we called a taxi to take him to the train station, and I was concerned for him- hope he’s ok!

Roz had lasered an old tribal piece on his upper arm, and that helped a lot, although there are still some spots that could benefit from being lightened a bit more. The laser treatment can run concurrently to the tattooing, now that I’ve oputlined the bits that I intend to keep dark, Roz can tackle the gaps and any bits I want lightened to put colour over.

Ross wanted a dragon sleeve, coming onto his chest. that was all he knew, he’d read this blog of mine and knew that I would do something he liked, so he gave me a free reign.
I looked out the window and decided to go for lots of wind and some autumn leaves being blown about by a lot of movement.
When left to my own devices I usually go for just a few key ‘ingredients’ and let the movement of the body dictate how the tattoo looks.

here’s how much we got done in our monster session

the next day I started another new piece, David wanted a japanese warrior with a white tiger. As usual for me, I leave the japanese warriors and their complicated outfits to the experts, I use one of Horiyoshi’s beautiful drawings.
We added the tiger and the background to make this lower leg piece fit all round the calf, there will be lots of reds and yellow tones once we’re done

Last in was Murray, he lives in Spain and works offshore, so it’s been hard to get him booked in to continue his piece! we finished the swallows we outlined last time, this section of the tattoo is the ‘air’ element, next we will be doing fire

I’m selling charity Christmas cards this year! I’ve taken my painting ‘The Party Frogs’ which hangs in Tribe 2, and made cards of it.
they are £2.50, all proceeds go to the Animal House Jamaica, a small independent charity which helps stray dogs and cats in Jamaica, so buy one or two and I promise it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside  😀

here’s a fuzzy picture of what they look like

  1. BBB says:

    71/2 hours now thats just showing off ! Respect ! and I saw a nice shin peice that brings back memories !

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