17th + 21st november

Posted: 22/11/2012 in Uncategorized

On saturday I had Emma in, we added some stylised chrysanthemums to her collection of tibetan script and seals, next time we will also be adding some softly shaded waves to the background

I left early on saturday as I was off to Dublin for the weekend, to meet a friend  😀
On the way out I spotted not just one, but two small children hiding in our sign, these little ones, they get everywhere! 😆


on the following wednesday I had a day of koi and water, Scott had a short session to make a start on the shading of his big koi,it’s going to be a dark one.

and Darren got a whole load of shading done, we will be keeping this piece in black and grey, with just the two flowers at the top in colour, for contrast


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