13th, 14th + 15th november

Posted: 16/11/2012 in Uncategorized

japanese sleeve day today,
Bryan can’t come in very often due to his work offshore, so we had a good long session booked to try and get it all done. that would have happened, too, except that traffic in Edinburgh is so bloody bad, that he ended up being an hour late for his appointment. We will have to find another hour somewhere that suits him, so close, but yet so far!

we are working around an old tribal piece, and to distract from it, we went for nice bold flowers in bright colours around it to help draw the eye away from it. Bluury picture alert…..

Kevin had a short little session at the end of the day, we are getting there, working on his blue dragon piece

in Glasgow the next day i had poor john in for an extended session on his ribs, I think I nearly broke the poor man with this one. He definitely wasn’t his usual chatty self!

and Annie got a cute wee humming bird and some colour added to the foot piece we started last time

And as this is a 3 day blog, here’s what I did on friday:

Jai’s backpiece, it’s finished!:D

and Andy got an ammonite/ Capricorn piece. Something a bit different, but I love the combination

Nik has started working up in Tribe 1 with me, he moved his stuff in today and started to make himself useful.  😀

He’s a big boy now!

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