9th + 10th november

Posted: 12/11/2012 in Uncategorized

On friday I had a scaley day. You could say i scaled a mountain of scales, on a scale of one to 10 it was an 11. I basically filled in scales all day   😆
Andy’s dragon is taking shape, one more session and we’ve nailed it. This dragon is done in greys, but not shaded like the background, these greys are solid colour. I really like the effect

Martyn’s dragon will be more traditional looking, the classic black scales with the white rim, and the red belly scales (I think, Martyn hasn’t quite made up his mind yet on the belly scales)

On saturday I worked on Melanie’s backpiece, we are adding to an existing fairy, also modifying the original piece a bit. It was done by another artist, but needs a bit of tweaking. I’ve added some drapery and will be reworking the wings a bit


Grant’s koi and hanya mask is getting some colour. Poor Grant got shivvery and unwell at the end of his long session. A bit of shivveriness is normal, but grant’s reaction took us by surprise. It’s a case of the body relaxing after the tension of getting the pain.

and John’s dragon is finished! John had a lot of input in this piece, specially with the colour and character of the piece, and it really shows! It’s a colourful and friendly piece and reflects the character of the wearer perfectly  😀
(how come my teachers weren’t cool like John back then?)

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