6th + 7th November

Posted: 08/11/2012 in Uncategorized

kicking the week off were Sadie and Steven, they come to see me to get their pieces continued once or twice a year, it’s slow progress, but we are getting there  😀
Steven’s piece is a painting by Clive Barker, adapted slightly to fit it on his arm as a sleeve.

Sadie’s sleeve is a reworking of some old stars, she felt she didn’t give it much thought at the time and now fancies flowers with more substance than the scattering of stars. Most of the flowers, which are stylised roses in pinks, reds and purples, are covering stars, but some are not cover ups. today we did some that are not, to bring the piece forward a bit more, and to extend onto the forearm a bit more

William was also in to get more colour added to his Horiyoshi warrior

the next day in Glasgow I started a koi sleeve, two koi and two peonies, with water and cherry blossoms. this will be colourful

and barry had his dragon finished, he was only in last week, and you can see the koi we coloured last week healing in this photo

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