2nd + 3rd november

Posted: 05/11/2012 in Uncategorized

Chris is getting another koi added to his 1/2 sleeve, the original piece was started by someone else, and after some additions and some fixing up, it’s now evolving into a 3/4 sleeve

Jai is getting a large piece on his back that brings together some of his favourite things and places, it’s a personal journey of sorts, and inevitably scottish, as is Jai 🙂

the saturday Roz and me went through to Glasgow to terrorize Mark and the other weegies (and italians)

I tattooed Alan, we finished his dragon sleeve. I thought I’d be smart and took pictures in front of a black background, but unfortunately the light is terrible there, and the photos didn’t turn out well. I’ll remember that!  😦

and here’s a picture of Alan himself, with his new tattoo  😀
Somehow I’ve managed to make Alan look small, he is a tall man! It’s some sort of optical illusion!

also working on a dragon (and koi) sleeve is Barry, we only had a short session today, so we laid down some of the orange tones of the koi

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