25th + 26th October, Hamburg

Posted: 28/10/2012 in Uncategorized

I’m still keeping busy at Jungbluth, I’m also helping out with the odd wee bit of flash here and there, as the girl who normally does the small pieces is away on holiday. I’m completely out of practice doing small pieces, these days all I do is the large custom pieces, so this was like stepping back in time for me.
I had better get used to it, as I’ll be doing a fair few of the flash pieces back home in Tribe 1, I’m helping out with the workload that Rob will be leaving behind. Nik will be taking over most of it after the winter, but until then I’ll be a most busy bee, helping out in Tribe 1 on my day off. At least it will be during the quieter months, so we’ll cope, I’m sure.
I’ve decided not to include the small flash pieces in my blog, it’s not really what this blog is about, I’m sure youse wont mind…

On thursday I had Thorsten in, we’ve been working away at a sleeve since I first started going to Jungbluth every 6 months, and it seems amazing that it’s actually coming together as a sleeve now! It’s taken a turn for the more comic book style look, something Thorsten is keen on, and the narrative keeps developing.
Today we added a beautiful butterfly in the process of hatching from it’s chrysalis, but there’s a bat swooping down from behind, ready to eat it. (the only part of his tattoo that I didn’t photograph, what a tool!)
The whole sleeve is loosely based on the concept of fate, who is in charge of it and who influences it. If you happen to meet Thorsten in a bar in Hamburg somewhere, be sure to get him a drink and get the full story!  😆

In fact, Easyjet are starting up a direct flight between Edinburgh and Hamburg, so maybe that scenario isn’t as far fetched as it sounds! You may actually find yourself in a bar in Hamburg one day…

Marian got the start of a large piece on his thigh, today’s session was about the Christo Blanco that stands above Rio in Brazil, with the clouds and the stars standing for good and bad times, and key events. There will be a tree added at a later date with names and scrolls, for his beloved and family.

another black and grey piece was an octopus wrapping around hayni’s forearm, to wrap around not  just the arm, but also the turtle/skull design on the inner forearm, which is the logo for his bar in Hamburg.
we didn’t have enough time to finish it, there is still more shading and a lot of detail still to come. Unfortunately Hayni will have to wait 6 months until I’m back in Hamburg.

I’ll add some photos I took in Hamburg to round this blog off, here’s a cheery message to be found in the studio’s waiting room  😆

a nice car I quite fancy myself in

and St Michael, a superb sculpture

and a whole load of padlocks I came across, they have names and love hearts engraved on them. Apparently this a a craze that started in Italy and has now spread to here, I’ve been told the council comes round with bolt cutters when it gets too messy, strange!  😀

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