22nd, 23rd + 24th october, Hamburg

Posted: 25/10/2012 in Uncategorized

I’m back working at Jungbluth Tattoo in Hamburg for a week, my biannual stint abroad, my tattoo home away from home  😀

My appointments get booked in my absence, so I don’t have the control I have at home, where everything gets run past me before it gets booked.
This isn’t an ideal situation (I’m quite picky about what I take on) but the receptionists here are getting the hang of what kind of things I like or don’t like, and apart from that, by now I’ve got regulars who are getting work continued from past visits.
There was a time when the receptionists here used my absence to book me all kinds of fixer uppers that no one else wanted to touch, that was a challenge…

my first tattoo of the week here was a small cat and star piece

and then the lovely Nina finally got her guitar finished, we didn’t have enough time on my last visit

Hendrick was someone who was booked in to get some older japanese work fixed, it was weak and a bit chaotic, last visit we strengthened the flow of the piece and recoloured some bits. This time Hendrick wanted it extended a bit to improve the overall position on the shoulder, and distrct from the existing cover up that was part of the original work.

I also did a small cherry blossom floating in the wind piece, but the poor girl suffered so much that in the end I completely forgot to photograph the piece, we were both just so glad the ordeal was over. I don’t think she’ll be rushing back to get another tattoo, for her it was just too painful.
This can happen

then I had Marko in for a whole day, he sat like a trouper for 7 hours while I started shading and colouring the half sleeve we outlined on my last visit. He had originally been booked in for some repair work of some older japanese work, which we did, and then he decided to let me start something new on his other arm, nice!  😀
more work neede here of course, more colour and a second pass on some of the grey

  1. Georgie Boy says:

    Great work Morag. When’s the best time to catch you in Glasgow for a consultation?

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