19th + 20th october

Posted: 24/10/2012 in Uncategorized

andy is getting close to having his sleeve finished, one more session to finish the black and grey, and then a bit of red here and there

(sorry about the sideways photos, photobucket is being a pain and I’m completely out of patience trying to get them rotated…)

Russel was after some abstract water with some lilies, we made a start on his half sleeve, with the lining and some basic shading

the next day in Glasgow Roz and me joined the weegies (tim and Mark) the italians (raffi and Bru) and, Simon (the east coast nutter)

Annie wanted some nice vines and stylised flowers on her foot coming onto her leg, there will be some colour and a hummingbird added next time

and Neil got his tattoo finished! Yey for Neil! I remembered just in time that I needed to take a picture of him, but he was already at the desk with his coat on, paying, so it’s not really a good portrait shot of him, I messed this one up unfortunately..

as of monday I’ll be in Hamburg, working at my friend’s studio called Jungbluth. I’ll post blogs as usual  😀

  1. magzmama says:

    Truly great work!!!

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