16th + 17th october

Posted: 18/10/2012 in morag sangster

Jai is getting a scottish themed half backpiece, combining various design elements that mean something to him, in an abstract way which is borrowed from japanese design. The windbars will have some celtic knotwork in them, and the sea stacks at the top are from an actual place. The tunnel (which looks a bit red at the moment, jai bled a bit today) with the wee family in it represents him and his parents. It’s very much autobiographical, in a different way.

Chris has some work that needs fixing up, he’d got a cover up done by another artist, but wasn’t too pleased with the result. Roz has been lasering a bit here and there to give us some breathing space, and we added some waves, a couple of flowers and recoloured the koi. It looks a lot better now

then in Glasgow the next day I only did roses! One of those strange coincidences where types of tattoos appear in groups.
First up was Rachael, we’d started her black and grey roses a wee while ago, and now got to finish it. So, you get to see a photo of the beautiful Racheal, too! Bonus!

Mike’s roses are an addition to an existing piece, we’re working around it but not covering the older piece. It still has relevance to Mike and also fits in with the theme he is going for. The roses represent him, his wife and his child, and the existing crest and celtic bear paw relate to his name and family.
We are leaving plenty of room for more roses should there be more children  😉

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