I was off on tuesday, my ‘flexi time’ as Mark calls it, where I work longer on my days in Edinburgh to make up a day off every three weeks, to have more time for artwork.
I did paint all day on tuesday, which was bliss, and I’m nearly done with the 6th sin, gluttony. I’ll post a photo of it when It’s done, then it’s just ‘wrath’ to go and the framing, and the 7 Deadly Sins will be ready! They will be exhibited before the tattoo convention, at the St Margaret’s art’s complex’s ‘Tenant’s Christmas Exhibition’ in early december (but wont be for sale of course). I’ll post the details closer to the time, there will be an opening night, too, which should be a blast, as there are so many different people involved. And free booze. that always helps haha!
Invitation to follow…

I thought I’d post some of the wee drawings I’ve been doing of my tribe colleagues, they are just quick pencil sketches from photos I’ve appropriated from their fb pages, and then messed around with on photoshop. I hope to do one of everyone at some stage; it’s a bit of fun, I give myself an hour max to do the whole thing, and I like the sketchy, rough quality of them. Some are also a bit tongue in cheek   😆


Laura (for some reason wordpress is elongating this one a bit, not sure how to stop them from doing that with the odd picture)





and Bru  😀

and then on wednesday I was in Glasgow, tattooing, first up was Robert. We are in the process of covering/layering over/incorporating some old lasered work, letting some of the old tattoo shine through to give some texture and mystery to the new piece, so it’s more of a journey than a single concept. It’s hard to describe, but the effect is really pleasing, and we are both enjoying the new approach. Today’s session was mostly colour, the two lotuses and we outlined some simple flower shapes to go underneath the ld tribal piece.

also in, with a completely blank arm for me to get stuck into, was darren, he wants a japanese sleeve with two koi, done in a more delicate way, more like a pencil drawing than a japanese block print for example. I will have to hold back on the heavy black shading, maybe the best thing to do would be to hide my bottle of black for that session!

  1. Georgie Boy says:

    Hi Morag

    What’s the best way to see you about doing some work? I’ve got a jaded old school panther in desparate need to some a rejuvination. Thinking of a half sleeve.


    • morag66 says:

      Best phone the studio and get booked in for a consultation, or get in touch with the receptionists through the inquiery form on our website

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