Roz, Alex, the italian girls and me were at the london Tattoo convention at the weekend, we had fun and as usual enjoyed perusing other artist’s portfolio, the trade stall, the books for sale and of course the clothes!
Bumped in to some old friends and caught up, gossiping, or ‘networking’ as it’s called nowadays, is crucial part of these events   😀

For you celebrity tattooists’ fans out there, I took some pictures of Ami James and Tim Hendriks. There were others from the ‘ink’ series, but they usually had a crowd around them and I didn’t fancy getting to the front to take snaps.

I liked the oriental artists and their work the most as usual, and I always look forward to seeing if anyone has come up with something new

this year there was an artist Called [url=]Michael Hussar[/url] at the convention, he isn’t a tattooist, but an oil painter, I love his stuff and stood and watched him do an entire portrait from start to finish. It only took him 1 1/2 hours to be fair, as his style is lose and energetic. I love it.

Here he is with the model and the finished painting.

on tuesday I was back at work, first off I finished Roz’s leg, it now matches the other one we did a while ago. I’m not trying to fob you off with the same photo flipped horizontally! 😀

also in was William, we are working on a Horiyoshi III warrior, I followed the original black and white design reasonably closely, but now I get to add colour, lots of fun!

the next day Emma made a start on some Tibetan script and seal prints, we will be adding waves and flowers once all the script is in place

and dave was in to get the bottom of his sleeve finished, we are bringing some more mechanical and technical elements into the piece, more detail and potentially something completely new and a bit bonkers in one of the larger gaps. Dave is still working on that one  😆

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