25th, 26th + 28th september

Posted: 28/09/2012 in japanese tattoo, morag sangster, tattoo, tattoo studio scotland, tattooist female, Uncategorized

bumper blog! I’m cramming three days into one blog, as I’m off this saturday and decided to have one 3 dayer rather than two and one. I’m sure you know what I mean, err..

Yep, off to the London tattoo convention this weekend, it’s probably the biggest event on the calendar conventionwise (well, in Northern Europe, anyway) so we’re not going to miss it. Roz and me are going down and we’ll be meeting Alex and the italian girls there, they went yesterday already. It should be fun, and I’ve also got a mission.
I’m recruiting a new tattooist for Tribe 1, as Rob is leaving us to move to the bright lights of Kirriemuir…. So, I’m looking for the best person i can find for the job, and it’s not easy. I’ve had a few applications and I’m going to meet a young polish guy in London to see if i think he’d fit the bill. I’m going to be very picky, because i only want someone who will be able to do great work, fit in the the existing crew, is a good people person and a great team player. Not asking much then!  😆 Wish me luck!

On tuesday I had Brian in, for 7 hours!! We had the whole day and got stuck into a dragon sleeve and chest panel. Brian has been getting some old work lasered and is really looking forward to being proud of his tattoos for once, after years of hiding them. This sleeve should do the trick, it’s going to be colourful and dynamic

the next day In glasgow i had another dragon sleeve in, Alan had been in twice before and we are getting there with the shading.

and Bobby got his music sleeve finished! yey!
here it is, and also a picture of Bobby himself, wearing the tattoo   😀

back to the dragon sleeves, Holly’s one isn’t quite a sleeve to be fair, but it does go right over onto her back… it’s an altogether more feminine affair, with puffy clouds and soft shading, the dragon will be in pure colours to keep it light

and another dragon, this one is Billy’s, and it’s completely different again. this fiery one is less of a japanese dragon, and more a western lizard type of creature, with wings. We made a start on the green scales today

and last but certainly not least, gerald’s shishi/ foo dog got some colour and some rocks to jump over and connect it to the backpiece. (Which is a dragon, seeing as we’re on a bit of a dragon roll here!)

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