I had tuesday off, it was one of my accrued painting days  😀
And paint I did, I’ve finished one of the 7 deadly sins (Lust) and started on Gluttony.
For the Lust sin I chose a stripper kitty

and the gluttony one is going to be a party kitty, bunting, streamers, champagne, wine, cake etc to follow.this will be great fun, but i bet I’ll be hungry for cake and wine while I’m painting it!!

and i painted a wee landscape, just for fun, nothing to do with the sin series. I’m experimenting with acrylics, but I find them quite sticky and chalky compared to oils, so i don’t think I’ll be tempted to switch.

on wednesday i was in Glasgow of course, and John and his backpiece were getting some more work done, poor john was feeling it today. Some days are just better then others, for no apparent reason, even for seasoned tattooees like john.

Bru also got more done to her backpiece, she was feeling less fragile than John today, so we got it finished, well, finished until we extend it up the way

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