Kevin has chosen blue for his dragon, so we got stuck in with some nice electric shades  😀

Christopher’s sleeve is taking shape, it’s a collage of images that are meaningful to him, and we are putting them together in a way that works on his arm. this one will come into it’s own closer to completion, as it’s a combination of the various different design elements that make this work

the next day in Glasgow i had gareth in, I normally see him in edinburgh to work on his tattoos, but Wednesday is a good day for him to take off work, so we arranged it for one of my weegie wednesdays. Seems a bit odd for both of us to travel through to Glasgow from edinburgh, but that’s just the way things work out sometimes..

and bobby is nearly there with his sleeve! (well, apart from the lyrics that will go in the scrolls, that’s something for a later date)
We are just adding wee bits here and there, like the skull plectrum on his wrist and other little corners that need shading and or brought out a bit more. One more session and we will have done what we set out to do. It’s been a long journey! 😀

I’m still in love with the wee clown on the back of his arm. It sets me off every time  😆

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