I usually only tattoo my own artwork, and most of what I do is freehand, but for some artists I gladly make an exception. One of these is Horiyoshi III, the japanese tattooist and artist. His detailed warriors are a special favourite of mine, and here is the start of a sleeve based on one of his warrior pieces. I’ve changed a few wee bits here and there to make it fit the arm but apart from that it’s a direct transcription.
We just did lines today, there will be plenty of shading and of course the rest of the sleeve

Steven had some tattoos done by another artist and now wanted the whole sleeve done, so we are busy adding water and flowers to the gaps left by the original pieces. I try to match the new sections to the look of the older ones so that it doesn’t appear too much like the gaps were filled later

some more shading to go around the elbow etc

the next day I had Melissa in to get more flowers added to her leg piece. It’s a bad photo of it, but there will be more flowers added so we will hopefully get better pictures at some point.
So far we have gladiola, aster and narcissus, there will be poppies and sweetpea, going all the way up to the waist  😀

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