poor Roz has been waiting for years to get the last bits of her leg piece added, we used to get her tattooing done at conventions, but now that I’ve cut back on them we hardly get round to it. So today we connected the thigh piece that jason did a long time ago, to the calf section, finally!

next i nearly finished katherines backpiece, just need a bit more time to finish the petunias

and another flower piece in the making, Louise’s asters are taking shape, there will be background shading and some butterflies going up her back

in Glasgow the next day I had sean in, he got a piece that was based on the decoration of an antique opium pipe from Vietnam on his arm a couple of years ago. he’d always wanted to add clouds to the background, so today we made a start on that. The background clouds will fade to a pale grey once they are settled

and John got more colour added to his backpiece, the koi this time


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