well, I got stood up again for a long appointment…first thing on friday… another customer who had had a sleeve outlined by myself and then not come back. For these two people who have done this lately, I’d like to say this: if you think it’s a good idea to get me to design your tattoo for you, and then get your mate or whoever to finish it for ‘cheaper’, you are wrong. I’ve been tattooing for 20 years, and i might make it look easy to get smooth greys and gradients, bright colours and sculpted lines, but it’s not. My designs rely heavily on these things and if you let someone loose on my outlines who isn’t competent (and anyone who is ‘cheap’ wont be) you WILL end up fucking it up, and will be forever trying to find someone to fix it.
Apart from that, the outlines I put on in the first instance are not self explanatory (apart to myself) so anyone trying to follow my design will be pretty lost.
Good luck getting it finished.

right, rant over. One last thing, we will be charging bigger deposits in future- please be warned- I’m sure you understand!

John did show up for his appointment on friday  😀
we did his california poppies and started on the red dragon

the next day in Glasgow I had Robert in, we are working on an interesting project involving layering of designs. After some bad tattoo work (not by me!!) and some lasering, we are putting together a textured mix of flowers and geometric designs to completely transform this 3/4 sleeve. It’s exciting, and we are discovering this piece as we go along, this approach is somewhat unpredictable! We love the results so far

and Dougie brought his friend in to get a tattoo, we gave Dougie another wee dragonfly and the friend got one on her foot, cute!

  1. Emma Plant says:

    ‘smooth greys and gradients, bright colours and sculpted lines’ – Eeeeeeek – can’t wait!!
    Not sure if I should be proud or kinda embarrassed I never thought of getting you to outline me and then going somewhere else? I usually pride myself on being evil, machiavellian and scheming…. (joke) (mostly) (honest guv!)

  2. bbb says:

    You tell them Mo ! bunch of arse wipes to waste an apointment with you it took me 6 months to get one BBB

  3. Emma Plant says:

    Am thoroughly chastened Ms M!! 🙂

    And I agree with bbb: total asshats! x

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