woops, completely forgot that i hadn’t written my blog over the weekend! I was busy, to be fair, we’ve been doing some redecorating in the back room at Tribe 3, the walls are now grey instead of white, (hope that helps with the photographs) and we’ve hung new mirrors. Hope you like it!

On friday I started a new piece on Kerry Anne, she wanted a combination of various specific flowers going up her side, with some ornamental blackwork holding them together, including a pendant from her necklace.

strangely enough, that’s kind of what I’m working on on Kathrine, who was in after her, we continued the thistle and petunia piece down her back, it’s going to be epic!

my last customer stood me up, and when Tiddy phoned him to ask if he remembered about his appointment, he hung up on her after grunting a bit. Needless to say his other appointments have been scrubbed, but I’m really annoyed that i outlined a nice sleeve on him.

the next day started with the lovely Tracey, we added some colour to the skull on her chest piece. She has been getting a lot of comments on this piece, specially guys telling her how nice her butterfly is….since when are blokes into nice butterflies? eh?  😆

A few years ago Gorden had got a dragon on his upper arm from me ( a cover up), he also had Didi add a koi to his forearm, and now he wanted to go the whole hog and get a full sleeve. We found space for a hanya mask and some clouds, another session with finish it, and Gordon will have a nice dense sleeve

Martyn decided on a dragon half sleeve, to incorporate some existing work on his chest (not by me), we got the outlines and even the scales done, not bad for a start

  1. Lucy Cameron says:

    Love the eyelashes and red lips on Tracey’s skull, and those thistles and petunias are beautiful!

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