14th + 15th august

Posted: 16/08/2012 in morag sangster
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I wasn’t tattooing on tuesday! It wasn’t a fuck up with appointments, nothing to do with any illness or even natural disasters…a properly planned and scheduled day of painting for me  😀
In spring I decided that i would like more time to do my painting, as I’ve always got so many ideas for projects buzzing about my brain and no time to do them. I’ve noticed that i don’t have the energy or inclination to pick up my paintbrushes after a day of tattooing, and another day here and there to paint was required. I tried adding another day to the week but was met with resistance from the boring old farts who insist on the Gregorian calendar, citing vernal equinoxes and papal bulls, time honoured traditions and other such stifling restrictions; in the end i thought it would be easier to make better use of the days I do already have…

So, I started work a bit earlier on some days of the week, so that i could still get as much work done as before, but in effect ‘make up time’ to take every third tuesday off to devote to painting. Great idea, but I wasn’t on the ball enough to actually take the days off that I wanted, so in effect I’ve just been working more over the summer. It hasn’t done me any harm of course, but I did enjoy my first proper painting day immensely, I feel like I’ve well earned it  😀

I’m going to share what I’m painting at the moment, but in general i don’t think my painting projects will feature too much on this blog, they move slower than the tattoos, and posting regular updates would be like watching the proverbial paint dry, boring.

What I’m doing at the moment does have a relevance to tattooing in a way, though, because I’m putting together an exhibition for the Edinburgh tattoo convention in march! My current project of ‘The 7 deadly Sins’ has grown arms and legs, and now there are a few of us getting involved and doing their own version of the sins, which will be exhibited at the convention. So far 5 other Tribe artists are involved, artistic output will vary from paintings to sculpture, over photography and prints- all around the 7 deadly sins, It’s exciting  😀

I posted my first sin up, ‘Sloth’, a while ago, so now I can show you ‘pride’, ‘envy’ and a nearly complete ‘greed’ (which I was working on on tuesday) They are all oil paint on canvas board, I’ll need to get some better photos at some point, as these are sort of bleached looking at the bottom.

ok, onto tattooing! I had a scar covering piece to do, self harm scars tend to be a bit bumpy and quite straight, the best way to disguise them is with an irregular piece that can incorporate some of the bumps and distract from others.
This bird design isn’t mine (the customer brought it in), although I redrew it to cover the scars better, and added some flowers in a similarly sketchy way. The flowers are Columbines.

and more artistic flowers, this time carnations done in a more art nouveau style, representing her three daughters. it’s her first tattoo, and she has more than surprised some of her friends and colleagues by getting it at all, and then so big   😆

  1. Emma Plant says:

    What a beautiful thing to cover something so painful – good work (both artist and tattoo-ee!)

    • morag66 says:

      covering self harm scars in particular is always so rewarding, you really feel like it’s the end of a painful chapter in the customer’s life.

  2. bbb says:

    like the fat cat banker and I need my hall and upstairs painted if you want 😎 or is that a different kind of painting ?

  3. Angie Gray says:

    I SO want one of the sins as a tattoo!
    You bad lady you, temptation! 😉
    They’re amazing xxx

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