I think we’ve pretty much finished Coco’s backpiece. That begs the question, how to I get a portrait shot of someone wearing a backpiece?

So, if you want to see Coco and his tattooed back, you might just have to go and see his band, the Gingoblins  😀

Gareth was in to get more done to his phoenix piece

and at the end of the day Donna popped in to get a wee touch up on her tattoo, the orange in a couple of the stars had faded a bit, so we refreshed it. Great opportunity to pop up some photos of her tattoo, the artwork of which is by japanese artist Jinko Mizuno (her blog can be found  here jmnews.exblog.jp/)

the next day in Glasgow I finished two pieces! First was vanessa’s floral piece.
It was based on a pastel drawing by vanessa herself, and although I tried to follow her artwork as closely as i could, pastels are a bit different to tattooing, so the result was more of a transcription than a copy, but I think it works really well as a tattoo

and I did ask Vanessa if she minded having her photo taken, and although she agreed, I think she wasn’t expecting it and is a reluctant photo model. Well, she’ll have to get used to having her photo taken, with an unusual and colourful piece like this on her  😆
I think she looks adorable

And Davie’s samurai sleeve is pretty much done. The only thing left to to is touching up a couple of spots where the scab was torn off by the looks of it, this can happen, but it’s best not to try and tattoo over bits like that too soon, or you run the risk of scarring.

and a picture of Davie Himself

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