I had a girly day, two lovely ladies in!
The first one was Melanie, she’d had a fairy done by another artist, and wanted something to go down her back and tie the fairy and a lower back piece together. the fairy was also to be worked on a bit, firstly to cover her bottom a bit with some floaty fabric, and also to stop her from looking so floating. We will also work on the wings a bit more.
I remembered to take a phot of it before we started, but after I’d already started scribbling on her, so excuse the pen lines


and after today’s session. We outlined the new piece, next time we will shade and colour it and maybe add more wee bits here and there. this is just the bones of it for us to work from

then Ali got her first tattoo, a nice sprig of cherry branch, with a moon behind it

next day I started a dragon sleeve, Alan wanted a nice big, fierce looking beastie with water and four cherry blossoms. He’s got big arms, so the dragon turned out big indeed  😀

and last bust certainly not least, Bobby’s music themed sleeve is starting to take shape!

speaking of music, that’s me off for the rest of the week, as I’m going down to Blackpool for some live music, the Rebellion festival, yey!  😀
See you on the other side!

  1. Paprika says:

    I thought I saw you in Blackpool = hope you had a great time, and enjoyed (most of!) the tattoos on display.

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