John is getting a traditional chinese dragon in waves with some California poppies, we designed and outlined it today, and had a bit of time left to begin some shading

the next day I started what will be a scottish themed 1/2 backpiece, Jai likes the flow we can get with japanese style pieces, but felt that scottish design elements would suit him better, as he’s not japanese.
He had taken some photos of nice sea stacks out by John’o’Groats which we used in the background, and we also included an eagle, some celtic knotwork, thistles and there will be a swirl with wee silhouettes of his family inside. That’s going to be in the bit that’s currently blank

and Stewart got his phoenix 1/2 sleeve finished. He’d originally booked his first appointment for october some time, but as he was available for cancellation at short notice, we are now done- well before he was scheduled to even start  😆

I do get people canceling their appointments, due to work or whatever, because the have to book their appointments 6 months in advance due to my waiting list, and things change in that time. I have a list of customers who are keen to be notified if there’s a cancellation in case the time suits them, and in Stewart’s case, it worked out great.

here’s a very blurry photo of Stewart. (too late for this one, but I’ve figured out that I should maybe not try to photograph the portraits on the micro setting on my camera. duh.)


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