Coco’s backpiece is getting there,. but you’ll have to take my word for it, because i took the worst, blurry photo of it. he will be in again for some final bits and pieces, and I’ll make sure I get a decent one then.
I did get a good detail shot, though, of the poor Lombards getting burned alive…

and the I did a wee bird on Aggie, on her ribs none the less, very painful for her. I had originally had her mum Mel booked in to get some work done, but her shifts didn’t allow her to come up to edinburgh as planned, so she asked if her Aggie could get tattooed instead. Normally appointments aren’t transferable, but as it’s the lovely mel and the equally lovely Aggie, who could say no   😆

David’s sleeve is now complete, and you get to see the man behind the tattoo!
The heavy scar tissue we covered up with this piece is barely noticeable now, unless the light hits the uneven skin, but even then, the main attention is drawn away form it. Result.


The next day in glasgow I worked some more in John’s chest and backpiece, we are starting to get the colour in, and of course I will be adjusting the background shading here and there as i go along.

Natalie managed to sit for one hour only today, so her peacock design is coming along slowly. We will get there, but we just need to know her limits and work with the time frame we have available.

at the end of the day Ryan popped by to let me ake some photos of his sleeve now that the last bits had settled in. Of course I spotted wee bits here and there that i want to work on…and he’s booked back in for an hour  😆

and here’s Ryan looking completely natural, as requested haha!

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