I’m getting quite into taking portrait shots of my customers! It’s a great way of finishing the piece, and I love the pictures…who knows, maybe I’ll get a wee exhibition together one day… the customer gallery  (although I might need to work on my photography skills a bit more for that):D

I finished two pieces today, Scott’s koi and flower piece, this was my addition to his existing piece (the two main yellow flowers were by another artist, as was the family crest)


and Ruaraidh’s sleeve and chest panel has come to an end! It took over 30 hours to complete, those black, double lined scales were possibly the single most time consuming part, but the effect is well worth it


the next day I finished Andrews hibiscus piece, we added a butterfly and some more shading today. The overall effect was to be nice and soft


and one more! I completed Tracy’s rollergirl chest piece, complete with skates!  😀

the lovely Tracey

and last but not least, I did some more work to Stewart’s phoenix, we are keeping it black and grey with the muted orange flames, but there’s still some work to do

  1. Lauren. says:

    Oh my! Your work is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve waited a long time to get another tattoo because I’ve been slowly searching for the perfect artist… and here you are! I’d love to arrange to pop in and meet you to discuss what I’d like to get done… which shop is best to catch you at? (I live between Edinburgh and Glasgow)

    • morag66 says:

      hi, you can just phone the studio that suits you best location wise, and get booked for a consultation there. I’m pretty much booked up for the rest of the year for tattoo work and only take on certain projects, but the receptionist can chat to you and see where we can go from there with your idea

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