happy friday the 13th, for those of you who are believers in such things!

Ruaraidh wasn’t bothered by the date and made it into the studio in one piece to get some colour added to his sleeve, we are getting there now, just need to tidy some bits up here and there

and Sheena got an adorable deer on her arm, the original artwork is by suzanne woolcot. (Suzanne got tattooed by me in the Glasgow studio, but unfortunately she has not been in to get her sleeve finished due to health problems. I think of her and hope she’s ok)

this wee deer will be part of a sleeve of Shena’s favourite images, tied together with filigree flower patterns

and Scott got his cherry blossoms coloured and most of the grey finished, just need to add the finishing touches once it’s healed and we’ll be done

saturday was weegie saturday, and Roz and me made the trip through to Tribe 2 to bother Mark and Co…

Dave was up first, we are working on his volcano and tree, part of the hell theme

the for something quite different, jennifer got a couple of roses on her side which will be connected with grey shaded swirls at a later date

and davie’s samurai sleeve is getting there, another session to bring it all together and tighten things up should do it!

so, I’ve got a few projects coming to an end soon, and I was going to propose an idea. I’ve had people tell me that they like to watch a sleeve or other tattoo progress, and like to see it all finished, but they are really curious about the person getting the piece.
I’d like to post a photo up of the person wearing the tattoo once it’s all done!
Until now i’ve usually avoided including faces in the photos, as some people may be a bit reluctant to have their tattoo visible for all to see on the world wide web. So now I might ask if it’s ok to get a snap of the tattoo on the person once we are done… feel free to say no of course if this happens to you… but there are some people out there who are really curious!  😆

  1. gregg says:

    Why would you ruin your body like this? Disgusting.

  2. morag66 says:

    thanks for sharing Greg
    I’m always a bit pleased when tattoos cause a reaction, makes me feel like a rebel 🙂

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