well, that was my week off. Instead of going to Sweden to work- that fell through- I enjoyed a nice staycation, lots of walking the dogs, cooking and painting…. even the atrocious weather didn’t bother me!

I made a start on a series of painting based around the 7 deadly sins, this is a fun project that I’ve been looking forward to starting. So far I’ve done ‘sloth’ and ‘pride’ is in the making.  😀

back at work in Tribe 1 on tuesday, I continued David’s koi and water sleeve, as you can see I’m having my usual fun with movement and drama here, this is what happens when I’m given a pretty free reign, I love sweeping motion, depth of form and spirals.

then Katherine was in for her thistles and petunia piece. I enjoyed making the thistles nice and 3D, spikey and uncompromising, to contrast with the powdery soft pinkiness of the petunias.

the next day in Tribe 2 in Glasgow I added colour to Neil’s koi and a wee sprig of freesia (in memory of his mum)

and Bobby’s sleeve is starting to look like the collage of music related images is will end up being. Filling in the gaps is making it all come together.

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