George was booked in to get cracking on a flower and water sleeve, there was a bit of a cover up to be considered at the top, so we put some trees there to hide the mostly green tattoo to be covered. Usually I recommend laser treatment before any cover up, but the laser can’t remove green, so we are stuck with it. Good thing is there is hardly any black, so our trees should disguise the old piece fine.

George also wanted a koi, but more under the water and below the flowers, instead of in the centre of the composition.

Holly had a dragon started last time, today we made inroads into shading the background. The dragon is going to be mostly blues, we are now considering a kind of ‘petrol slick’ sheen to it, but that will need to be looked into properly, as I’ve never done that before and am not convinced it’s feasible as a tattoo….

the next day in Glasgow Roz’s first customer rocked up in an ice cream van. Usually tattoo studios like to have some sort of souped up hot rod or a cool motorbike parked outside, not us! This icey van was magic, apart from being seriously top of the range, there were freebies to be had!

After that exciting episode, we got down to some work, in my case I did some shading on Neil’s dragon and koi sleeve

and added another couple of flowers to vanessa’s magnolia piece

I was meant to work in Sweden this week, but the guy I was going to work with, Sid Siamese, has had to go back to his native Thailand to sort out family matters…..I was considering just going anyway, but now I’ve decided not to bother, and I’m having the week off, instead! yey for me!
let’s hope the weather doesn’t spoil it, although I do now have quite a bit of painting planned. I’m sharing an artists studio in the St margaret’s arts complex, so I intend to make full use of that during my week off.
So, no blog til next week, see yas then

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