Busy day at Tribe 1 today, you really notice how much more footfall there is in Tribe 1 as opposed to tribe 3, which is more of a custom studio, with most of the appointments having been prearranged. Tribe 1 is by the uni and we get a lot more people popping in with questions and for piercing. the receptionist always has her hands full, and it’s going to get busier- Roz and the laser clinic will be moving to Tribe 1 soon! If you are one of her laser clients, you will be informed of any changes of course. First we need to get her room ready, and are waiting for the joiner etc to get back to us. We will miss her in Tribe 3 of course, but it’s much more convenient for Roz to be working from Tribe 1 and the southside.

my first customer was scott, we are adding to an existing piece of two flowers with water, our new additions are taking shape and are blending in to the original work. Some shading and colour still to go

Brian hadn’t been in for months, unfortunately his work schedule is not conducive to making appointments a few months in advance, so we have to work around that as best we can. His sleeve is a slow developer! We are working around an old tribal piece here, so I’m giving it plenty of shading to help the dark tribal blend in a bit more

the next day I did no japanese at all, shock horror! First a couple of artichokes, yes, artichokes, great choice for a design  😆
remind me a bit of thistles without the purple bit

my second customer of the day was Alistair, for his 40th birthday he had me outline two snakes on his back, and now, for his 50th, he wanted colour  😀

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