it was an edinburgh weekend for me, friday in tribe 1 and saturday down the road at tribe 3.
‘David number one’ started the friday off (‘david number two’ came later) with an extension of his koi half sleeve. He decided pretty soon after starting the half sleeve that he wanted it to come down as far as he feels he can get away with at work.
Regular readers of my blog might have noticed that this happens quite frequently, to the point where I anticipate the move and try to plan ahead. I’ve been asked to add little bits to a tattoo here and there, with the end result always being a full sleeve, and now I wont be drawn into that bitty approach any more. The results of adding wee bits on again and again are usually a bit compromised and lacking in flow, whereas if you plan it in decent sized sections you can get good movement and depth going.

‘just go for a full sleeve, you know you want it’  😆

Louise had a short session booked to start her flower piece, we are working on three dahlias and will be adding some butterflies, too. It was her first piece, so we decided to break the session up into two or three smaller ones rather than attempt the whole thing at once.

then david number 2 was in, and we started shading his sleeve.

the next day I started another flower piece, Andrew’s hibiscus will be in black and grey, also with a butterfly or two

and another new piece, stewart is getting a phoenix in black and grey, with some muted oranges for the flames.
basic lines and some shading so far, to be continued

last but certainly not least i finished off jamie’s sleeve, adding some colour and a few finishing touches  😀

  1. Louise says:

    Great work – so fluid and graceful. Wish I was there!

  2. Pamela says:

    I so love your work… especially what you did for me.. look forward to talking to you about my idea’s in september..

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