andy’s dragon is finished! Well, for now, he’s thinking about adding another dragon in blue at the bottom, like a yin and yang

and Coco’s back is getting there, we’re adding smoke and skulls to complement the fire, death and destruction theme  😈
sorry about the bad photo, all blurry

Scott’s dragon has entered the shading phase, more to go of course, and Scott has got some time left to decide if he want colour in the dragon, and if so, which ones!
The other alternative would be a black and grey dragon, which also looks good, and is quicker to do.

the next day i worked a bit more on Davie’s warrior sleeve, another session to finish the samurai should do it, then a shorter session to tie up any loose ends.

And Ryan got his snow queen sleeve finished! This was started a while ago by our artist Lesley, before she moved back to her native France. I took over, and hopefully the change in style isn’t too noticeable. (lesley did the main figures and flowers on the forearm).
we had a wee gap on the elbow left to fill, and we chose a cute cat from the book, it fits the gap and is part of the story, perfect  😀
this sleeve is a problem to photograph, there are so many little details to take in that a picture of the whole length of the arm can’t do it justice. I should ask Ryan to pop back in when it’s all healed to get photos of close ups and better ones of the whole thing.

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