sorry about the late blog, I’ve been in London this weekend, at a tattoo and piercing industry union AGM. Weather in London was lovely! I got down early and had a stroll around the Tate modern, and liked it more than I thought I would. It’s in an old power station which is an imposing building with a vast, dark turbine hall for an entrance,  you have to take long escalators to the pictures and installations at the top. I didn’t go to the Damien Hirst exhibition because I am not a fan.

anyway, on to what I got up to on friday and saturday.
jason got his dragon finished

and Blair got a piece with lilies that I did a few years ago, extended to a half sleeve

on saturday in Glasgow dave got a tree added to his hell/ volcano sleeve, one that’s been burned and gnarled by the heat.   😈

then onto something completely different, cute birdies! we did the cherry blossom branch last time, and today we added wee stylised birds. The gaps had been left deliberately for them when we designed the branch

and more cute stuff, vanessa is getting some floral designs of her own tattooed, she had drawn beautiful magnolia with pastels on paper and that’s what we are using as a base for our tattoo design.

plenty more to go of course, that whole thing will be colour

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