just one day of blogging for youse today, I was off on saturday, we went camping for the weekend! Or ‘glamping’ as it was pointed out to me, as we were heading off to a wigwam at Loch Tay, complete with microwave, kettle, fridge and tv….apparently that’s not real camping  😆  It was great fun, though, i can recommend the wigwams, specially when the weather is a bit iffy!

on friday I took a lot of pictures, so luckily this single bolg wont look too piddly.
First off I started a new koi piece, this one will be just black and grey, and a lot of fun can be had with that. As I’ve done quite a few koi over the years I’ve noticed that the backgrounds are becoming more elaborate and the fish is having to share the limelight with the waves!

Ross was in to get his foo dog piece finished, another artist had done the dragon and the cover up, and i just added more to bring the piece round and make a half sleeve

and Simon got his cover ups finished (pretty much), we added some muted colours to the lilies and some more shading here and there. I’ll want to look at them again when they are healed, as lasered skin can be a bit reluctant to hold the ink and occasionally needs a second or third pass.

and the other arm

  1. Emma Plant says:

    Dude those glass beads look real – that’s pretty ninja Morag (but please stop giving me ideas!?!) 😮

  2. Louise says:

    Whoa!! The water beads look like 3D – amazing!!

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