Bruce is getting there with his dragon half sleeve, he’s got two more hours booked to finish off any bits and pieces that need it, but I’m sure it wont take that long

then i got stood up for my second appointment of the day  😯
she was still on a ferry somewhere. Laura was on the warpath!

the next day in Glasgow Neil got a sleeve started, he liked the dragon and koi combo, with the dragon in the clouds. I seem to have quite a few dragons on the go at the moment, it is the year of the dragon after all!

and Bobby’s music sleeve is starting to take shape, today we added a wounded crane to the path we created last time, and started winding the tape around the arm. Some of this tape will have lyrics written in them, and the background will be filled with more music references. Adding the tape has made the whole sleeve look a lot more sleeve-like all of a sudden, it’s taken a leap forward

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