unusually for me i took friday and saturday off and worked sunday and monday instead. We were invited to a fancy wedding on friday, so I moved my ‘weekend’ forward a couple of days, meaning I was working when the shop was shut.

I went to work in Tribe 3 where I’d have some company, as Alex likes to work sundays and the odd mondays. He is used to having the place to himself on those days, so having me there took some adjusting. And today at lunchtime Roz AND laura stopped by the shop to do something, so when Alex arrived it was just like a normal shop day with the doors open and everyone present… poor Alex, I think we were spoiling his nice quiet time.  😆

David was in to get his koi and maple leaves finished, this piece is disguising some nasty old burns scars. It looks really red and angry in the pictures, as the scar tissue doesn’t take kindly to being tattooed, but this will settle and the ink will grow in like everywhere else. I might have another look at it once it’s all settled to see if any of it needs some smoothing out, but with rough scar tissue like that you are a bit compromised and some irregularities are to be expected.

Scott got a dragon half sleeve started. The blue you can see here and there is just the pen I used to draw it on, that will come off of course

and the next day I finished Gerald’s Angus Young from AC/DC, again I’d like to see this healed as it was done in two stages, we started it last time but it was only a short session so we didn’t have enough time to finish it. That means that some of the ink has healed in, while the newer stuff looks a bit darker by comparison, until that also has healed in.

and Justine was in to get her flowers, ivy, butterfly and bees piece finished (must think of a snappier name!)
This might have flowers and ladybirds added at a later date

  1. Lucy Cameron says:

    Thats a stunningly pretty back piece, great works as ever Morag 🙂

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