bruce started the week off, we finished the scales on his dragon and will tackle the background and the flowers next time

and then our Roz got her balance restored so to speak, we finished the other side of the new additions to her blackwork leaves and vines. Phew, she can walk without a limp again now! Having just one of the sides done left her with a niggling feeling of asymmetry, glad that’s sorted  😆

and Jamie got more work done to his geisha girl, we brought her flowing kimono round the wrist to finish the sleeve off. Some more colour in the flowers here and there and hes sleeve is complete


the next day Nik and me went through to Glasgow, Nik was covering for Mark on reception, whilst mark is living the high life in Italy…..the usual culprits who get roped into covering for Mark are unavailable, Tim is in the middle of his degree show for art college, and maggie is only having a baby!
Just can’t get the staff these days haha!
no, seriously, massive congratulations to both of them  😀

I did some more strange additions to Bobby’s music sleeve, this is another piece that defies being described, you’ll just have to wait and see! It’s very much Bobby’s ideas, he chucked a load if images my way that he loves, to do with his interest in music, and now we’re busy putting them all together, watch this space.
Today we created a tree lined path which will have a wounded crane lying on it at a later date, it’s to do with an old japanese fairy tale and of course there’s a music connection which escapes me right now. I’ll get back to you on that one when Bobby’s in next time.

and Gill got her cherry blossoms coloured, we’re going for a stylised red look, next time we’ll be adding a few birds to the composition.
Gill is a burlesque dancer, this piece will look great as part of her act on stage!

New Boy Nik is starting his own blog! He will be talking about his journey as a tattoo apprentice, and posting pictures of his work, tattoo and other art related, check it out!


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