I had a great time on holiday in beirut, sun and sea, sensibly avoiding the troubled area of lebanon. I feel recharged like a fully loaded AK47 you’ll be pleased to hear, so bring it on!

I was back at work on saturday, as it was only a short holiday, and continued on John’s backpiece, today we got down to some colour, various shades of blue in the scales of the dragon

and i pretty much finished darren’s piper sleeve, I’d like to see it all healed to check up on bits like the elbow and wrist, and I’ll get the final photos then. Although the pictures I took on saturday there are by far the best I’ve taken of this sleeve so far, the ones before that were just horrible for some reason.
I know that this sleeve is all about movement, so pictures will never really capture that, maybe I’ll take a video of it and post that up for you to see…

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