it’s been two of those days where things happen in strange groups. I’ve noticed this before, but this time it’s two days in a row! Is it a conspiracy to bring some kind of order into my chaos??

the first day was all about dragons with double lined black scales and red belly scales
first Bruce

and then Rhuaraid!

the next day was about flowers… first Rachael with the start of some roses, I’ve included her pink curls to show you where my inspiration for the negative space came from  😆

and then it was melissa’s turn to get a flower, this time a gladiola, in colour to be fair. It’s also the start of a larger piece, this one will go all up her leg and side, with different flowers

I’d brought New Boy Nik through to Glasgow with me to do some work. He normally works in Tribe 3 in Edinburgh, but we felt it was good for him to get a change of scenery. Nik is still at the apprentice stage, but he is coming along amazingly well and is proving to be a proper natural. We’re well pleased!

  1. Damn you talented arty left handed people 😉
    Paula x

  2. Louise says:

    Wow, roses – phenominal.

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