Paul was in to get a koi tattoo, he was keen on the koi idea, as it represents determination and the overcoming of obstacles as it swims upstream.
We got a fair bit done, still more shading and refining to do of course, but no colour this time

Dougie was in again to get the last bit added to his rose tattoo. He had originally come to me to get help with a poor piece he had done elsewhere, and we rescued it with a softly shaded background of white roses. later we added a couple of butterflies, and today the whole thing got brought down and a dragonfly added

The next day was glasgow, and i had two concept sleeves in.
First one was Dave, we are working on a volcano/ hell sleeve, and today probably felt pretty hellish as we went over his elbow…

the the snow queen piece, a sleeve based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson. Lesley, who used to work for us before she went back to France, started this piece off, and the two central figures and the flowers on the forearm are by her.
I added the snowy part above, the pigeons, a few more flowers and the small sad figure by the elbow. It’s turning into a really interesting piece, and for some strange reason i’m particularly fond of the wee pigeons!

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