happy beltane, everyone! I went up the hill for the fire for the first time in ages, always a good laugh, and a worthwhile celebration, bring on the warm months  😀

My first customer was in for the start of a sleeve, he has a few images in mind to represent his new life, away from drugs and crime and the jail. He’s been on the straight and narrow for a few years now and isn’t looking back, nowadays he’s working outdoors on the outer hebrides. Now there’s a wholesome life for ya!  Not even a phone signal..

and our very own Roz was in, we filled in a gap between tattoos on her chest, and we’ll be doing the same on the other side, as Roz is into symmetry, and having only one side done is just wrong. Now we just need to find the time to do the mirror image! Our own tattoos always tend to take a back seat.

the next day was weegie wednesday, starting off with barry and a new dragon and koi sleeve. We got a nice chunk done, drew it on, lined it and even got some basic shading down

next in was Melissa, another artist had done a daisy chain and some writing on her foot, and now she fancied some colour and another flower added. The original flowers were a bit too regular and simple for her, so we added some more random petals behind the original ones

  1. morag66 says:

    I never know whether to be offended or flattered when the dear people from photobucket refuse to host one of my pictures! You can see in the next photo was the affending artcle was…

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