my friday was spent in Tribe 1 with the ‘southside crew’  😀

kicking the day off was kevin, we are working on a cover-up sleeve for him, the koi is now pretty much done and we can move up the arm to the dragon

then I started a new big piece, kathrine wanted a backpiece with big ornamental thistles and petunias, with swirly bits to tie it all together
this is going to be epic, it’s to go all down her back and onto her hip, so i started with nice big flowers, still some colour to go of course

and Robbie who had got a tiger tattoo a few weeks ago, decided he wanted something to go behind the tiger at the top of the arm to finish the piece off, so we went for a japanese chrysanthemum

on saturday i was back at tribe 3, with Brad getting a piece of soviet propaganda tattooed on him, this kind of stuff is fun to do, bold and no nonsense, you’ve got to love the style of artwork (once it’s finished of course0

and Roddy was in to get the back of his knee tattooed, not something he was looking forward to much

and finally malcom got the koi cover up finished, he’d had an appointment just before christmas, but had to cancel it due to snow, this was his replacement appointment just come up now. If you can only make a saturday, that’s what can happen unfortunately

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