it’s the year of the dragon, and today we created another one  😀
got the lines and a couple of the scales done. Plenty of scales here!

and then something completely different, the Tintin inspired piece that neil has been working on for years (with long gaps to be fair) got another bit of symbolism added. I know that Ruth is his partner, but the disk is greek to me  😆

in Glasgow the next day I continued with the samurai piece we started a few weeks back, the photos are rubbish, but of course he’ll be back. I’ve got to sort out getting decent photos of sleeves in Tribe 2, the light is very bright and it messes with my white balance. Someone who knows what they are doing would probably know how to get a proper shot of a sleeve, but i seem to fail..
I’ll be picking a brain or two when i get a chance. So, if you’re booked in with me soon and know a thing or two about photography, let me know!

and then Bobby got a rose tattoo, it’s the symbol of the musician Ryan Adams and is meant to look a bit wonky, I’ve not suddenly forgotten how to tattoo an even curve  😆

there will be colour in the rose

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