late blog… there’s something wrong if your weekends are busier than your weekdays! I’m doing a lot of painting on my days off, and I could do with more days off to indulge my current obsession with portraiture. In fact a few months ago I decided to start working longer days, starting earlier on 3 days a week, with the intention to take the odd tuesday off. Somehow this never really happened, and all I’m doing is working more…..
next month I’m looking at sharing a art studio space in St Margaret’s Art Complex, so I think I’ll be taking some days off to make the most of it. Exciting! If I think I have enough material that would interest youse, I’ll have an exhibition at one of the studios, just don’t hold your breath  😆
in the meantime, I keep updating my art webpage if you’re interested

Onto my tattooing
Andy’s dragon got some more colour, we will be adding a light turquoise to the crest to set all the warm colours off

then david got the start of a sleeve lined, we kept the bottom of the design open so that we could add to it at a later date

and then more japanese, Jamie’s geisha girl got some background added, still some flowing kimono fabric to be added at the bottom, and wee bits of colour here and there.

saturday Roz and me went to Glasgow to work, we had Maggie on reception, for the last time for a few months- her baby bump is HUGE and she is giving birth in a couple of weeks. I felt bad when she brought me a cup of tea, it felt like I should be making her tea!
We wish her all the best of course, and hope she can come back soon because she will be missed.

My first customer was Gill, her idea was to have quite stylised cherry branches going up her side and onto her shoulder. The whole thing is to be done just in red and black.
I bet photobucket will remove the photo of Gill from the front, so for those of you who can’t see that picture, the design goes around the front of the hip and also comes round onto the front of the shoulder.

Darren is nearing the end of his piper sleeve, we strted with colour in the thistles, and it’s taking longer than we thought, quite a few thistles in there!
As usual, terrible photos of this piece, I’m resigned to that now, and will get proper ones once it’s complete.
I also did a lousy job cleaning green ink off Darren’s arm by the look of these photos. Sorry, Darren!



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