back home and at work in Tribe 3, it’s great to go away, but it’s even better to come back home after having had an adventure!
Actually I’m not sure going to Hamburg and working at Jungbluth counts as an adventure. I’m so at home there now that I feel as if I’m having an affair with another studio! In Hamburg I’m thought of as part of the Jungbluth team  😆

but back here I’ve got plenty to be getting on with, including gareth’s phoenix

and Helen had asked me to do this swirly, watery design on her foot, she’d worked it all out down to the finest wee curl, and it was just a matter of transferring it onto her foot and tattooing it. This isn’t my usual way of doing things, in case anyone is wondering, but as we’d done quite a lot of these wee swirls on helen over the years, I wanted to continue.
Normally i like to work freehand of course, with the odd stencil used here and there.

Mark’s dragon got some more colour added

the next day was weegie wednesday, and another backpiece for me. John’s tattoo is full of drama and movement, as requested, and it’s starting to take shape

also in for a wee session was natalie, we are working on her peacock, but in small baby steps, as natalie has a hard time with the pain

  1. Louise says:

    Whoa!! That back piece on John is amazing. It almost looks 3D. Never seen anything like that. Brilliant.

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