12th, 13th + 14th april, Hamburg

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it’s been a hectic few days, working long hours at Jungbluth and socialising in the evening, I couldn’t keep this up for too long! It’s been brilliant, though, met lots of people and enjoyed my stay at Jungbluth studio. Now that we are more familiar with each other and know how we like to work, it gets easier and more relaxing. I’m also working mostly on regulars now that people are coming back for more work from me, so there’s that nice familiar thing going on which I like.

Having said that, today started off with a new face, Matje was booked in to get some ‘wind and cherry blossom thing’ according to the booking, and we decided to incorporate her existing tattoo and make it sweep up her back. Matje is already planning to extend it, so I guess I’ll be seeing her next time  😀

another familiar face was Thorsten, we are working on a sleeve it appears, as he is a fountain of good ideas for the next bit  😀 I have to reign him in sometimes when he get’s carried away and over estimates how big his arm is, and how much space we have!
I love the raven we did today, it’s picking up the joker card, when Thorsten moves his elbow it actually looks like the bird is moving, neat!

Then a customer from a year ago was booked in to get more done to the piece we started last time. There is a bit of a cover up going on here, where he had some lasering done, and on top of that there was a wee dragon that snaked around the original piece. The dragon had to be incorporated, so the rest of the design was worked around it. Today I finished some of the grey here and there, added some colour to the dragon and one of the flowers and generally beefed the piece up a bit. We ran out of time for the other flower, and the dragon will have some black lines put back in once it#s all healed up, and we can see how much of the original linework is still obvious through the colour, as some of it was quite faded in places.

the beauty of regulars is that you can work in layers like that, come back to a piece and tweak it where necessary, rather than going for the ‘worst case scenario’ approach and making everything really dark.

and then the lovely Nina was in, we are working on a music themed piece on her leg, and today we added some script and the head of her guitar. Unfortunately we could have done with another hour, the guitar isn’t finished and there’s some more shading to be done on the scrolls. We did manage to get it up to an acceptable standard so that it looks fairly finished, and the chunky shading is kind of rock’n’roll I suppose, in tune with the piece  😆
I’ll see Nina next time I’m back, in October.

the next day Femke was in, she’s been to see me everytime I’ve been in Jngbluth tattoo, and by now we’ve covered most of her back! Just needed some more flowers and tendrils down the bottom, and this might be us done, unless Femke decides to add some more. This stylised lily design seems to be addictive!

my last customer of this visit was Marko again, the man I had in yesterday, he’d booked to get his other arm started, and this time I had a clean slate, yey!
We decided to stick with the dragom theme, but this one was to be in the clouds. I arranged the dragon to sort of echo the position of the other one, but this  new dragon was bigger and more in proportion. We got the outline done, I would have liked to get some shading done, too, but the shop was closing, and the receptionists were noisily emptying bins, cashing up and giving me looks, I got the message,

they didn’t want to hang around past shop hours on a saturday evening!

I heard something loud and familiar sounding across the road of the studio today, guess what, a stag party, pissed as farts….having a rare old time  😆

I managed to get an invite to the theatre this trip, and the amazing venue would have been worth the trip alone, like being inside a wedding cake
(no idea who those women are btw)

ok, that’s the curtains closed on this journey to Hamburg, I’ll be doing it all again in 6 months, it’s turning into a regular thing!

  1. Louise says:

    Wow! Love the raven, the detail in the feathers is incredible and it DOES look like it can move on the elbow! How cool is that? What sort of flower is that on the fron of Marco’s shoulder? It looks great – will that be colour?

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