hello from not so sunny Hamburg.
I visited the Hamburg convention at the weekend, not working, just looking, saying hi and feeling sorry for the poor artists working at it.
I worked the last convention here (it’s on every two years) and it nearly put me off working conventions again full stop. Hot, loud, dirty and cramped, I had the worst time at a convention to date and vowed never to do it again.
I took some pictures, but they can’t convey how jammed packed the aisles were, bottlenecks everywhere and people going nowhere.

the guy’s from Jungbluth had a relatively spaceous corner booth. Spacious for them, but impossible to get to

small booths


this poor artist had her customer sitting on her workstation in the corner to get at his shin

being there as a punter showed me that it’s not just the artists who suffer, I had to wait in a stagnant queue to get in, and half the time couldn’t get near the artists’ portfolios to have a look.
Why oh why don’t they move to a better venue? There is clearly a great demand for a convention, why not make the most of it?

so, I’m back at Jungbluth, my home away from home, or should that be my tattoo studio away from Tribe. It was great to see everyone again, and this time I’m back in the street studio, not the custome studio off the main street. Although I liked working in the custom studio last time, and there is more space, I do prefer to be in the street shop with the receptionist and public. Less ‘ivory tower’  😉

I also like working next to Hungarian Kris, a really nice guy and a very talented artist.
Oh, and the street studio has had a make over, very swanky, must get some pictures tomorrow.

My first customer was an old aquaintance of mine, he wanted a wee turtle on his arm

and then I had a ‘fixer upper’ to do, I’d been dreading this appointment, as no one could really tell me anything about what it entailed, and the last time I had one of those booked in it turned out to be a completely hopeless mess that needed a magician or a laser technician to sort it out.
At the time I suspected it only got booked in with me because every other artists had said ‘no way’ and i wasn’t there to protest, so I got it.

I needn’t have fretted, this piece was ok, just needed some tlc and some finishing touches. The original artist had lost interest and declared it ‘finished’ when it clearly wasn’t, and then moved away.

here it is


and after I’d finished some bits, consolidated others and added yet more to give it a good shape.

  1. Louise says:

    Great work. That convention looks manic! Arghhh!!

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