a blog for just one day, as I’m off to Hamburg tomorrow and not working. I’ll be back at work on wednesday, doing my usual guest spot in Jungbluth tattoo. I will report from there of course.
I’ll be at the Hamburg tattoo convention on Mzonday, not tattooing, but there chatting to customers and just ‘being there’. If anyone in Hamburg wants to chat to me, I’ll be around.

Today was a black and grey day for me in Tribe 3. First up was Coco, now we’re bringing smoke up the sides of the poster to finish it off, at the top we will bring down some of the roses and skulls behind the smoke.

John was in to get the finishing touches added to his Ikarus piece

and Jamie added a cute geisha to his collection, she will be part of his sleeve next time when we add the background

have a great easter weekend, and i’ll be back on here after wednesday  😀

  1. morag66 says:

    not sure where the photos went…hmm


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